Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for every family.  A baby’s Naming Ceremony is the perfect way to introduce your newborn to your family and friends, providing an opportunity for those closest to you to come and celebrate the birth of your new bundle of joy.   

Naming Ceremonies can be customised according to your own beliefs, values and style.  People choose to include a variety of elements into the Naming Ceremony of their child. Such elements can vary greatly according to the experiences of the client and range from an explanation of the significance of a baby’s name to readings, prayers and rituals such as candle lighting or the releasing of butterflies. Many people also ask for commitments to be made to the child from Godparents/Mentors, siblings, grandparents or other friends who will play a significant role in your child’s life.  

Such ceremonies can be undertaken in a variety of venues. It is not unusual for the place of a Naming Ceremony to vary greatly between clients; some preferring to celebrate their baby in their home, the place in which the baby will live and grow, whilst others might prefer a more natural setting such as a park or reserve.

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